Appreciated by press and buyers during the last seasons of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm, Ana Hernández, from Hernández-Cornet, has successfully inflated the Swedish fashion scene with a singular expression that unites conceptual design and wearable fashion. Graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2004, Hernández has gradually become a fashion reference that creates small and exclusives collections season after season with focus on high-end execution.
The designer knows that the world is in a constant change and she, like few professionals, knows how to capture this volatility of time and apply it in garments, having good choices of materials and cuts for each collection. Her special work rendered her good recognitions, such as Nöjesguiden Stockholmspriset in 2011 and the Max Factor Award in 2013. With this impressive resume, we invited this young designer for an interview.
As a great designer that we love, Ana, what is fashion for you?
"Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse" said Francis Bacon. I think that quote kind of works. But it can mean so many things... On a basic level fashion is a very good tool to reinforce your personality and who you want to be.
What do you like to wear? What kind of style do you identify with?
At the moment I'm very much into pyjama wear, or suits worn with t-shirts and sneakers. I often fall for the classic men’s garments, they are more suitable for work I think... and, after all, I'm a working girl.
What inspires you most of the time?
Contrast, the drama and dullness of everyday life. My man. My friends.
And what inspired you to create your latest collection A/W 2014?
The A/W 2014 collection's name is Under The Influence and takes inspiration from various sources such as P-funk, space and tailoring.
Tell us some more about the colours and silhouettes of this collection.
Colours are brown, yellow, blue and sweet pea green. Silhouettes are composed, with slightly flared legs on trousers and A-line on dresses and skirts.
We know that you are eco-friendly. How sustainable is this collection?
When I can choose between a sustainable quality and a non-sustainable one, I always choose one that is sustainable, as long as it does not mean it compromises with the look. My A/W collection is not focused on sustainable qualities, but it does contain recycled polyester, real leather and silk. Qualities that last over the seasons.
In your opinion, what defines Hernández-Cornet as a brand?
Again the contrasts – contrasts between the high and low, cheap and exclusive. Every collection speaks with understated strength, but with a streak of intelligent humour.
What do you expect from fashion for the next few years? I mean, what do you think people are going to wear in the future?
I think the trend with masculine/feminine and cross-gender dressing will continue and grow to be more part of the mass public.