We have already talked about the future of fashion being in the metaverse, with the first virtual fashion week having concluded, (which we talked about here) we have already established that more and more brands are buying into this digital and revolutionary alternative to the regular processes of presenting traditional collections. Florence-based brand Avavav is no exception, as they have just presented their first digital collection for the metaverse. With a Creative Director as daring and innovative as Beate Karlsson, it is no surprise that this is one more of her adventures towards exploring new ways of creating pieces that transcend the boundaries of fashion.
Between bloody shoes, the wearable Kim Kardashian's bum, and the use of waste fabrics from other big fashion brands to create new garments, there is nothing that Beate Karlsson can't do. With an avant-garde and somewhat (or very) surrealistic vision of fashion, she has managed to position Avavav, the company of which she is the head, as one of the most interesting proposals within the current fashion scene.

As its ideas are already very risky for the real world and she's always trying to take them even further, the brand has decided to take its colourful and dreamlike universe to the metaverse, the perfect platform to expand creativity without limits and present proposals that in the real world would be absurd, but in the digital world make sense. This is how in Decentraland, the first fashion week in the metaverse, Avavav has presented their first digital collection consisting of four looks of impossible proportions, accompanied by several pairs of equally surprising shoes. One of the brand's signature pieces is the four-fingered shoes, shoes with almost anthropomorphic features that defy all limits of wearability, and in this digital collection we can find them elevated, literally and metaphorically, to levels never seen before.

As she mentioned in the interview we had with her, and that you can find here, Karlsson likes to work with unconventional materials in fashion such as clay, which according to her allows her to achieve shapes and silhouettes without the limitations that textile implies, and her idea of venturing into the digital plane follows the same premise :“There is no use for comfort or dress codes. It's a dream for a designer.”

As the face of this collection, the brand has chosen the artist and model Cailin Russo in her avatar version, who fits and captures that progressive, youthful, and transgressive essence of the metaverse. The collection can be found on the BNV platform dedicated to the distribution and exhibition of digital fashion collections and the pieces can be purchased as NFTs through this website. Whether virtually or physically, Avavav is always one step ahead.
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