Vacant Weekend’s latest single The Windowsill is a sonic journey that feels like the lovechild of a John Hughes’ coming-of-age movie soundtrack full of disillusionment and serendipity mixed into a funky disco fever dream. This Manchester-based trio has crafted a tune that’s equal parts nostalgia and modern indie banger.
The Windowsill hooks you with its lullaby-like melody before yanking you into a world of jagged guitars and bright indie instrumentation. It's like being gently rocked to sleep, then abruptly woken up by your slightly unhinged older brother. Drawing inspiration from disco, Motown, and 2000s indie-rock darlings like Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats, Vacant Weekend has concocted a sound that is funky and more cathartic than screaming into a pillow.
Underneath the catchy hook and danceable rhythm lies a poignant psychoanalytical exploration of disappointment with adulthood and the realization that our problems don't magically disappear just because we've outgrown our teenage bedrooms. It's a musical middle finger to anyone who's ever made them feel inadequate, wrapped in a package of self-acceptance and ego death. It's a time capsule of youthful naivety colliding head-on with the harsh realities of growing up. 
It's the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you're caught between wanting to dance your troubles away and contemplating the existential weight of adulthood. Aren’t we all doing that? The Windowsill is available for streaming today, and their EP Something To Fill The Silence is set to release on July 26th.