True Blue and The Bird have joined forces to present Truest of Blues, a track about the intricate dance of love, missteps, and the pursuit of redemption. Released under the Copenhagen-based Myra label, co-owned by The Bird, this single tells a compelling story over a rhythmic, danceable beat.
Truest of Blues spotlights the delicate, emotive vocals of True Blue, harmonising seamlessly with The Bird. The song’s honesty invites listeners to explore their own emotional landscape and reflect on their romantic escapades with lines like, “And it hurts sometimes but I feel so alive / So I never wanna let it fly by,” and “I’m crazy / To feel the way I do / To feel the truest of blues.”
The Bird, known for his previous hits I Like It and Tight, and his discography, which includes Ballads by The Bird and Thief, has also collaborated with artists like Debbie Sings and performed at Copenhagen Contemporary and Distortion. True Blue, the musical alias of multi-instrumentalist Maya Laner, has been a rising star since her debut with Bad Behavior in 2017 and the 2018 EP Edge Of. Praised by The Fader, Office Magazine, and Pitchfork for her poetic lyrics and airy yet impactful sound, Laner's recent tracks like Airplane Mode and I Wanna Believe showcase her knack for working on successful pop. 
Truest of Blues is the result of chemistry between True Blue and The Bird, blending their artistic visions into a relatable narrative. As both artists revel in their musical expression, this single marks a chapter in their evolving artistic journeys.