Tomsy’s latest single 321 captures the soul of synth-pop in this song charting the experience of confessing your feelings to someone. The journey of love and vulnerability is perfectly layered over this contemporary and memorable sound.
The song immediately punches in with upbeat drums to set the tone and builds into a high energy chorus. The song’s electronic and pitched vocals alongside the lyrics create a sound reminiscent of Charlie Puth or The Weeknd. The sonic narrative is brought to life through the compelling production and emotive vocals, immersing listeners into the experience. The accompanying music video adds another layer to the song’s appeal. It opens with a surprise party scene, radiating all-American vibes, complete with red solo cups and a party atmosphere. Tomsy’s energetic performance during the party mirrors the energy of the entire track, and the video cleverly ends with the same image it began, creating a sense of circularity. Tomsy shines brightly in this track, marking a significant step in his transition from a supporting role to a centre stage artist.
Tom McGeoch, also known as Tomsy, has a rich musical background, starting in pop punk bands as a drummer at only eleven years old. He honed his skills at Berklee College of Music and later moved to the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Tomsy’s journey from a drummer to a multi-instrumentalist and frontman is a testament to his dedication and passion for music. With its synth-pop allure and heartfelt narrative, 321 stands as a testament to his promising future in the music industry.