Keeping on top of the latest music and culture releases is an addiction and we know it. And, one of the places you can get your hit, Telekom Electronic Beats, have released a new podcast series the end of last month called The Week opening up from their usual long form artist conversations into a news broadcast that covers topics from AI technology, music production, fashion, art, to the pop cultural phenomena and social discourses that shape our feeds.

The Week
is presented by Kikelomo, Boilerroom to Berghain DJ, and OttO Kent, cultural archivist, writer and radio personality, who are both casual conversationalists. They approach the latest music news, inviting interviewees such as techno-futurist-legend Richie Hawtin in episode one to chat. Espisode one covers AI radio DJs, technology that supports paying artists when they have tracks spun by DJs and stats on earplug use to avoid developing tinnitus.

Podcasts are no new format for Telekom Electronic Beats, who have previously featured artist interviews with Sevdaliza, Mura Masa and Honey Dijon on their podcasts. Up next on these artist podcast interviews is a special conversation – out yesterday – with the Brazilian house DJ and producer Mochakk who chats to Electronic Beats editor Marcus Boxler.

This conversation flits between Mochakk’s background in hiphop, skateboarding culture, his Brazilian heritage and interest in fashion, plus the creative relationship between TikTok and his music making. Party-ready and funky this DJ producer’s sound and attitude is warm like his home country. During this deep-dive into the artist they also touch on new models of masculinity and Mocha’s love for typography. The classic Comic Sans MS in particular. Mochakk also plays in Seville, Spain on 17th of April for Cercle at Plaza de España.
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