It’s Friday, which means artists are releasing new music compulsively. Among all of them, you shouldn’t miss Tatyana Jane’s new EP, Elixyr, which offers a new take on tribal sounds by deconstructing them. The four-track record, released via prestigious N.A.A.F.I. record label, explores new ways of crafting bangers that are spiritual and club-ready at the same time. Mid-tempo rhythms break constantly, influences from drum&bass permeate the entire EP, and there’s even space for techno at the end. A perfect testament to how electronic music is being produced, listened to, and experienced. Let’s delve into it.
Born in Cameroon but currently based in France, DJ and producer Tatyana Jane has felt a deep connection with music from a young age. Influenced by a wide range of genres, from amapiano to jungle to funk, bachata, Jersey, or drum&bass, her music is a reflection of just that. Because beauty lies in mixing all of the things that you like, especially when you’re as talented as her.
Opening the EP, Infernal Circle is a downtempo song that sets the tone of the record. But it’s also the starting point, so the artist takes it slower, allowing listeners to enjoy it as a spiritual experience. Crossing turns the BPMs up, making it a more clubby. In collaboration with DJ Fucci, the song strikes a balance between danceable beats, distorted voices, and drum&bass irregular rhythms. Mapanes really encapsulates the spirit of the EP: it’s the one where percussion plays the biggest role but, at the same time, gives space to rave-y synths and techno beats. Especially by the end, it turns into an incredibly danceable track for a party in the woods or an industrial space. Closing the EP, we find Boundaries, which starts straight off with a drum&bass punchline. From here, it slowly builds into a more techno-infused track. Th perfect way to end the party on a high.