If you’ve ever been to a party, and I mean a really good, wild one, I’m sure you’ve seen someone’s jaw going “right, left, right” as Luna Matz from Takykardia sings in Jaw Dance, the band’s newest single. As the end of the year approaches, the Copenhagen-based three-piece launches this song, which will be included in their upcoming album, set to release in 2024.
This is a space free from judgement, so no worries if you’ve ever been that person with a dancing jaw. However, don’t try to flirt with Luna while high or it’ll go… awry. As the frontwoman of the band explains, “The lyrics describe how awkwardly self-aware and uncomfortable I can become when sober with someone high on cocaine – especially if it’s someone I normally like being around or even find attractive.” And continues: “People are free to do whatever they please and get high if they like. Maybe I’m just boring or too vain? That being said, I’ve never partied or hung out with a person I thought was funnier or sweeter with a dancing jaw and that non-stop-ego-chatter on.” You heard it right, folks.
Produced by the award-winning Danish producer, Anders Boll, the pop banger Jaw Dance sees Takykardia veering into a new direction. “I feel an urge to channel out my energy. Right now, the Taky-energy is explosive and pop star-like. Our only limit is our imagination, and as an act, we strive to evolve and be curious of what changes might come,” Luna explains about this new direction of the band’s sound. After successful albums that have been praised on international media and radio stations, Takykardia are ready for a new chapter. Stay tuned!