Following the release of her new hit film The Hill, multifaceted artist Siena Bjørn is back with the release of her new single, Down Bad, out today on all streaming platforms. This project marks the beginning of a new phase, a transformative musical change with a fresh purpose for her sound.
Her work, which has garnered tremendous acclaim from Live Nation Ones To Watch and Ladygunn, is a blend of pop, alternative R&B, and jazz. The artist uses her voice as a vehicle to express her innermost emotions and share her experiences as a woman, delving into themes like self-discovery and personal acceptance. In this case, the single is a jazz and soul-infused anthem of farewells.

Inspired by retro doo-wop, it explores unrequited longing through a lover who wholeheartedly dedicates himself to a woman no longer interested in him. Her distinctive and powerful voice seamlessly blends with impactful and empowering lyrics, featuring iconic and resilient phrases like “Won’t let that bullshit bringing me down.”

The melody evolves as you listen, culminating in a catchy chorus that forms an alluring whole that invites you to dance. This song is set to mark a before-and-after moment in the Siena’s music career, as the American artist aims to venture into experimenting with new sounds while never straying from her essence and what defines her as an artist.