Embracing a hybrid perspective on landscapes, Roa, the Italian shoe brand established in 2015, stands at the intersection of nature and experimental fashion. Infusing outdoor functionality with a sportswear ethos, Roa has ventured into the realm of outdoor footwear and extended this vision further with their Fall/Winter 2023 sportswear line.
For their new collection, the brand draws inspiration from the distinct and fragile ecosystem of Dungeness, a landscape overlooking the straits of Dover, England. Within the calm of the coastal landscape, the latest sportswear collection Headland is born, capturing Dungeness’s core: resilient biodiversity and the intriguing juxtaposition of human history and natural beauty. Curated within this landscape is a garden by Derek Jarman, mirroring the wilderness’s transformation with the changing seasons. 
Amidst its appeal, Dungeness bears the scars of human activity, having once served as a dumping ground and a military site during World War II. Headland echoes the haunting dichotomy of the landscape, mirroring its transformation much like the garden curated by Jarman, reminding us of the fragility of nature and the impact of human intervention. The inspired collection incorporates natural textures and earthy tones, drawing on nature for its palette and imbuing the garments with rugged beauty. Featuring heavy furry jackets, 3D knit tops, wool-knit sweaters and apron skirts, the collection unveils the meticulous craftsmanship that went into each piece, while also reflecting the intricate relationship between humanity and the environment.
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