Remember Summer comprises the duo Irish Paddy Conn of band Swimming Tapes and English singer Angelina Dove. With Dove’s vocals which remind of Florence + the Machine, they’ve transformed Miley Cyrus’s iconic song Wrecking Ball into a lighter, nostalgia-filled ballad that remakes the track into something that feels both fresh and familiar.
Their version of Wrecking Ball is a smoothly crafted blend of dusty synths and wistful vocals, creating an atmosphere that feels like a sepia-toned memory. The warm sound of their arrangement evokes a poignant state of haze, much like their original works. Their take is openly emotional, making it distinct from the original. 
Dove reflects on the song’s resonance with her personally, sharing, “[It’s] metaphorically spot on; I think I’m an ‘exploding doormat’ personality type. A really long fuse, but once it’s lit… Wrecking Ball resonated with me, I feel like I’ve been there. The explosions, the disappointment, indifference even.” The depth she brings to the track shines through in her vocals.
The story of Remember Summer began in the summer of 2016 at the Forest Gate café where Conn and Dove first crossed paths. What started as a playful distraction from the monotony of their service jobs quickly blossomed into a creative partnership. When the café closed its doors the following year, their musical bond endured, leading to the birth of Remember Summer. Dove says of those early days, “We realised that we’d started something we missed more than frying eggs.”