Discussing the confusion and frustrations of a continuous cycle of letdowns, Peyton Gilliland’s new single Love Kills is sure to be a new hit because, as anyone who has been in love would know, love hurts and is, in fact, very close to hate.
Alabama-raised, Gilliland’s influences are easily recognisable. Flowing like a poem, the artist’s ability to write relatable songs doesn’t go unnoticed, and neither does her talent when it comes to merging her “singing in Church” voice with the effervescent sound of rock and country. Starting slow and ethereal, the song crescendos to a climax and a powerful guitar solo reflecting the extreme highs and lows of relationships and the immense number of emotions that those in love experience – particularly if that relationship has come to a bitter end or is ended prematurely.

Focusing not only on the mental but also physical anguish that situationships and relationships put people through, Love Kills is an emotional reflection on toxic tendencies and the strength of our desires. But, like a fiery phoenix, Gilliland rises from the ashes of a burned heart and uses her emotions to create songs for her listener’s villain eras.

With industry icons at her dispense, such as producers Lincoln Parish and Brian Chirlo, Gilliland’s career will only continue to grow and, following the success of her song Funeral, she definitely has a bright future in the music industry.