Olive Louise has made music a therapeutic tool with which to open up emotionally, heal her wounds, and share her most personal experiences with her audience in a sincere and honest way. The New York confessional singer/storyteller, whose last release was added to the coveted Fresh Finds playlist on Spotify, is completely herself and has the uncontrived ability to make you feel like you are understood when listening to her music. She is now releasing her new single, Swallow The Ocean, a raw and autobiographical account of the fear that she experienced entering a new relationship.
“Almost immediately after getting into a relationship I started to push the person away because I was scared that if they decided to leave me one day, I would essentially be emotionally destroyed and never get over them,” says the artist when we ask her about the meaning of her new release. This song, which comes along with a lyric video, addresses the fear that leads us to keep ahead of the curve in certain situations, those moments in which being afraid makes us envision the worst-case scenario even when it’s not likely to happen.

“The odd thing is, that feeling of falling in love, it’s addicting, but when I found myself actually in it, it felt like danger,” she adds about a strange feeling that many of her listeners will easily relate to. Through her haunting and heroic music, Olive talks about the importance of taking accountability for how your past has affected you. “For me that was trusting people closest to me and learning to let my guard down rather than run every time someone got close.”