“[T]oo rock for R&B, too R&B for the rock kids,” as he puts it, NoMBe has embraced his position as a musical outsider and uses this to his advantage creating multifaceted indie-alt-pop tracks that appeal to your every craving. Back after a two-year pause from production, the artist released Space for Two as the first single back in MONTH and Best Friend today as the second on the Noah EP that is set to come out in May this year.
NoMBe aka Noah McBeth refers to Noah as a “road trip album,” and Best Friend epitomises this essential youth adventure. Although the single was written about his relationship with his grandmother, not a road trip with his best friend, the single doesn’t fail to spark the same reminiscent happy feeling that comes with memories or thoughts of loved ones. Holding a special place in his heart, the German-American artist’s newest single feels like an emotional time capsule that allows us to experience NoMBe’s most treasured moments through sound.
His echoing vocals create an esoteric atmosphere that feels like you are in the car “cruising with my [your] best friend.” The track has a certain carefree, laidback ambience that is beautifully portrayed through naturesque vibrations and equally beautiful lyrics. Hinting to climate change and “the end of the world,” NoMBe is using his influence as an artist to bring awareness to our obliviousness and blissful ignorance. There is a joy to be found in living like there’s no tomorrow, and Best Friend makes that clear, making our days instantly better after listening.