"I've seen some of the most beautiful sunsets [...] out that junkyard." These words open Moullinex △ GPU Panic's new music video for their single Towards the Sun, out today. They're uttered by Max, a California steelworker with no previous acting experience, recruited via a Reddit casting call. His quote sets the scene for a visual and sound experience that centres on the sun, a source of joy and energy for all.
Director Ruben Do Valle follows Max for three days in the desert as he introduces him to techno music for the first time. We see that the four elements, especially fire, abound even in a quasi-abandoned junkyard. Wind turbines spin unendingly around the field, muddy earth surrounds the pieces of scrap metal, Max bathes in a bathtub full of soapy water. There are recurring shots of him moving the reddish fire of his lighter closer to his ever-dangling cigarette. 
Above it all is the blinding sun, sitting atop the vast mountain range that encircles the junkyard. It imbues the video with vibrancy and colour; after it rises, the visuals become warmer and the sound more ethereal. In an unexpected parallel, a similar phenomenon occurs in Max when he discovers techno music; formerly static and stiff, he begins to move more fluidly and animatedly upon hearing the song. Towards the middle of the video, Max stands on a truck, arms raised—a moment of peace to soak in the midday warmth. He turns around suddenly and begins dancing. In the final shot, Max hits a golf ball towards its mirror, the massive, glowingly white sun. 
All in all, the video manages to hit an elusive sweet spot: balancing a veneration of nature with a celebration of techno and, most significantly, chasing intriguing aesthetics while remaining grounded in the powerful, addictive sound.