Moncler celebrates its 70th anniversary with an exciting collaboration with Japanese label Sacai. Showcasing an harmonious blend of Moncler’s heritage with Sacai’s hybrid-inflected aesthetic, this collaboration not only pays homage to Moncler’s past but also envisions its future, offering a collection that equips for a journey spanning the next seventy years.
Chitose Abe, the visionary designer behind Sacai, embarked on a creative exploration, envisioning Moncler’s trajectory for the next seven decades. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s transition from the mountains to urban landscapes, Abe crafted a layered capsule collection that seamlessly merges Moncler’s outdoorsy mountaineering spirit with Sacai’s exceptional design language. The result – a collection that embodies shared experiences and sensibilities.
Featuring four captivating looks, designed for both men and women. Each look offers a versatile and multi-piece range that encourages wearers to engage with the garments and explore new ways of styling. Garments can be worn in multiple ways, creating a truly individualised fashion experience with practicality and functionality at core. Internal straps ingeniously convert a down jacket into a convenient backpack, reinforcing the notion of clothing as both a garment and an accessory. Fusing utility and elegance – a Sacai signature.
With this polymorphous play of style, the collaboration brings the ethos of mountaineering to metropolitan territory, blurring the lines between functionality and fashion. The collection can be found in select Moncler and Sacai boutiques, offering a unique opportunity to embrace the collaborative spirit and experience fashion's future.
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