The last time we spoke to Minas was five months ago on the occasion of the release of the music video that came along with his single Fight One. The project from Greek/Welsh producer and musician James Minas, alongside rhythm section the Davies Brothers, now goes one step further and returns with a short film for this same single, demonstrating that his creative universe has no limits by exploring new formats and formulas according to his feelings and impulses. And he has been confirmed for festival appearances at The Great Escape Festival and Focus Wales in May.
Minas now invites us to join him in an eight-and-a-half minute sensory journey in the form of an impressive short film which takes place in the abandoned Roch Gate Motel in West Wales. “The short film portrays The Bandaged Man, a character I created as a representation of the apparent diminishing in-person conversations as we become more and more technology based in our communication and work life,” says the artist and respected producer, who has no fear of facing vulnerability, reliving personal experiences from the past through music and making brutal honesty his best ally when connecting with his audience.

Through a character who denied the move towards more technology and social media-based communication and remained and decayed along with his old place of work, Minas found the similarity in how he felt during the time of writing the song and The Bandaged Man's emotions in the short film. “It felt like the two things worked quite well together. The story of a man who gave up his future for disagreeing with the direction the world was headed in and myself at the time feeling completely disillusioned with everything around me, almost wanting to hide away in the same way.” Minas continues to show he has no limits when it comes to creativity, and his musical project has undoubtedly become an amazing tool for self-knowledge.