This weekend, the (gay) internet broke with Loewe’s new collaboration with The Shameless Fund, a new charitable foundation created by actor Jonathan Bailey. Featuring hunk Ivan Cidrian, the campaign to raise awareness and funds for the LGBTQ-focused organisation has gone viral. Why? It’s horny, sexy, and thirsty, but also fun and tongue-in-cheek. Just like everything we’ve come to expect from the luxury house’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson. ‘Hoe but make it fashion’, anyone?
Loewe is living a sweet moment thanks to its plain T-shirts with concise, shareable messages. After the ‘I Told Ya’ model sported by Challengers stars Zendaya and Josh O’Connor, the new T-shirt of the moment asks you to ‘Drink Your Milk’. And it’s a hottie winking at you who tells you to do it, so, why not? For every T-shirt sold, Loewe will make a donation to The Shameless Fund, which seeks to forge a world where queer people are finally free to live authentically and thrive “without the burdens of discrimination, oppression, or shame.” 
Jonathan Bailey, the founder of the charity, has been gaining momentum lately because of Fellow Travelers, a historical drama series based on the 2007 novel by Thomas Mallon, which follows the decades-long romance between two men who met during the height of McCarthyism in the 1950s. The ‘Drink Your Milk’ slogan is actually inspired by scenes from the series. In his own words, “In a splat, the image of this tee shirt appeared in my head, fully formed, one fine morning. I knew Jonathan Anderson was the only person who could meet the joy, playfulness and sexiness; who could flip that vision into a reality. This is a very proud first of many collaborations for The Shameless Fund, a passion project that will whip up creative collaborations to raise cash and erase shame amongst the global LGBTQ+ community. I love Jonathan and I love Loewe, and I LOVE this tee shirt. It’s for anyone who’s ever tasted milk.” 
Aptly released for Pride, the T-shirt will be available online from June 27 and also in selected stores in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Milan, and New York.