Over two weeks ago, we bid farewell to the latest edition of Lighthouse Festival, the internationally acclaimed event for creativity in sound, music, and audiovisual art held in Croatia, which took us to the dance floor from May 29 to June 3. We told you in this article that more than a hundred different artists, label showcases, and special collaborations would get on stage for five days; and that’s precisely what happened. Take a look at the photos of the 2024 edition of this unique experience in the world.
We’ve recently published this interview with Bashkka, with whom we spoke after her set at this year’s edition of Lighthouse Festival—it was magical, high-energy, and people loved getting together in the first rows. Artists, together with the community that has placed its trust in the event for eleven years, are a fundamental part of the DNA of the festival, which bridges art and music and becomes better as time goes by. Because experience is an invaluable asset that gives the organisation the skill to improvise and make things happen, they were able to manage the pouring rain that almost flooded the place two days previous to the festival. 
“What began as a small seaside outing has grown into a vibrant community, and the biggest part of it is you, dear dancers. Individual sub-concepts develop their unique dynamics, creative core members become residents,” the festival organisers tell us when we ask them about this year edition. Last year, they celebrated their tenth anniversary with much appraise from the community they talk about, which has grown fond of the event. “Our goal has always been to create a playground so dynamic that it’s impossible to experience everything in one visit. Each time uncovering new wonders and adventures.”
Resident Advisor has recognised their efforts for the first time with a Top 10 Ranking of the best festivals in May, an achievement that the Lighthouse Festival team celebrates while they express their gratitude to their property owner, Valamar, and their sponsors. “It’s truly unique to use such an incredible location with perfect festival infrastructure. This unparalleled support allows our creativity to run wild 24/7 for five days.” The festival will be back in Croatia at the end of May 2025, but before they’ll be hosting events in Bad Gastein, Zanzibar and Cape Town. You can learn more about their upcoming calls here.