When we thought the most iconic denim label in the market had forgotten about their most underground and innovating proposals (a tear for that editorial adventure called Mined which they launched at the beginning of the last decade), they are back this year with RED, the most conceptual Levi's premium collection launched in 1999 of which we knew nothing about since 2007. The Lined RED, that's how the collection has been titled, will be available at some of the most exclusive and revered retailers around the world: LN-CC in UK, 290 Square Meters in Amsterdam, L’Eclaireur in Paris, Doshaburi in Barcelona, Slam Jam in Italy and United Arrows in Tokyo. From here we can only welcome the initiative.
This season’s Lined RED collection draws its inspiration from Levi’s long history of lining many of its denim styles with cleanly finished blanket fabrics or sheep’s wool, a practice which began as early as 1879. Evident throughout this season’s RED collection are experiments with new types of garment lining that reveal the beautiful balance between durability and delicacy. Although the focus is on the lining, the collection is also notable for its playful approach to fit, construction, and detailing.
As with previous Levi’s RED collections, Lined RED references Levi’s archival garments but reinterprets virtually every element. The result is a series of radical new constructions that suggest the Levi’s denim clothing of the future, and most of the jeans styles work well on both men and women.
First introduced in 1999, Levi’s RED is a premium concept collection by Levi Strauss and Co. that is dedicated to reinventing the iconic Levi’s 5-pocket jean and proposing new forms and aesthetics for jeanswear. Levi’s RED is not produced every season. In fact, the brand stopped the collection in 2007, up to then they had launched 7 Levi's RED collections – from 1999 to 2007 – with concepts such as Icon, Sex, Big and Rustic among others.