The interesting thing about fashion is its broad reach as creative platform to communicate messages that matter, a powerful tool that Kenzo uses in their F/W 2016 video The Realest Real. Without being pedantic, writer/director Carrie Brownstein confronts us with people their online behaviour nowadays.
Social media is being omnipresent in our lives; we sometimes don’t even notice the difference between fantasy and reality anymore. We perceive the created online identities of our idols as real and merge our own narratives with the ones of people we admire. The new short video of Kenzo F/W 2016 campaign crashes this fantasy image into reality in a very literal way — what happens if you wish your idol were your mom?

Besides bringing across the storyline, the video does not make you forget to think about fashion. The more architectural pieces of the AW 16 collection suit perfect in the ‘fantasised’ institute scenes and by contrasting the hyper-real world with a more mundane look in the second half of the film, Kenzo manages to create a great balance between clothing and content.