Brace yourself, because the king of groovy electronic music is back! Hailing from Denmark, Kasper Bjørke is here to make you dance and vibe to his newest single, Conversations, where he’s joint by Icelandic trio Systur aka Sísy Ey, three sisters named Sigga, Beta and Eilín who give the song an even brighter tone with their harmonising vocals.
Even though Systur have this instantly catchy voices, the lyrics of Conversations aren’t exactly happy. “There will be times where I’ll push you away / Just because I’m afraid you don’t understand,” they start singing in the chorus. “There will be times when I’m gonna cry / I won’t be able to tell you all the reasons why / Something’s broken deep inside / I’m trying to fix it but I… give me some time,” they finish. But that’s something we’re used to in Kasper’s music – a perfect balance between grooviness, danceability, but also emotion and depth.
Together with this release, Kasper takes the opportunity to announce the release of his new album, titled Puzzles, out April 5th via hfn music. Conversations is the first single off of it, and it already sets the tone for the rest of the songs, which certainly will be equally thrilling. Actually, the Copenhagen-born artist had already collaborated with Systur aka Sísy Ey back in 2014 on the single Apart, and they’re reunited again, just like he’ll do with other long-time friends and collaborators including Toby Ernest, Jacob Bellens, WhoMadeWho’s Tomas Höffding on bass, Posh Isolation affiliate Frederik Valentin on guitar and the young, rising jazz star Oilly Wallace on saxophone and flute. Moreover, most of the instruments in Puzzles have been played and recorded live in the studio, which just proves the artistry of Kasper Bjørke. There are still a couple of months before the release, so in the meantime, enjoy Conversations!