Kappa FuturFestival is back. The iconic festival, which merges the electronic scene and digital arts, will once again make us go wild on the dance floor from Friday, July 5, to Sunday, July 7 at the Parco Dora in Turin under the motto “The Futur is in Torino.” After having unveiled the entire line-up with names ranging from Skrillex, The Martinez Brothers, and Nina Kraviz to emerging names on the Italian scene such as Nicole Lovera, Nicola Gavino, the duo Riverside, Marbox, and The Taste, we spoke with its director, Maurizio Vitale three months before the start of the 11th edition of the festival to find out all the details.
Maurizio shares about the process of building an event with a unique, recognisable personality and the brilliant synergy between music and art while he and his team complete the preparations for the next call of the festival, in which we will enjoy none other than five stages and in which innovation will be a fundamental element. “We try to balance acclaimed artists with underground legends and the most exciting newcomers on the scene,” he answers when we ask him how they choose the profiles that will make KFF a great experience. If you don’t want to miss the event, get your ticket here!.
Maurizio, in less than three months we will be enjoying a new edition of Kappa FuturFestival. How is the preparation process going so far?
It is going well. We are a little ahead on the schedule compared to the last few years, but there is still a lot to do.
Directing a festival as big as Kappa FuturFestival, a reference for the electronic scene and digital arts in Europe, which has made a well-deserved place on the international map for more than a decade, is not an easy task. Many decisions need to be made, teams have to be coordinated, and unforeseen events have to be faced. What do you enjoy most about your work?
Working is a form of self-realisation. To work in a sector that I love is an achievement; to do it in my city is an even greater fulfilment.
Last year, in this article that we wrote after experiencing the festival first-hand, we collected some of your words: “Turin is growing and evolving, shedding its austere past and transforming into an increasingly vibrant international city.” Could you tell us more about this change that you noticed?
The growth of what I call the soft industry, which comprises culture, entertainment, tourism, and large-scale events, is increasing, and it helps to balance the decline of the manufacturing industry that took place in the last decades.
Evolution is precisely one of the characteristics that best define Kappa FuturFestival. In your next edition, which will be held from July 5 to 7, you will continue to focus on applied technology to improve the public's experience, and you will once again present your pioneering project, Art & Techno VIP Experience, won’t you?
Yes, definitely. My focus is to introduce innovation that improves both the audience experience before, during, and after the festival and the teamwork process. For what concerns the Art & Techno Experience, it is now in its fourth year, and we have many novelties in the programme this year.
In addition to the intersection between electronic music and digital arts, what are the most representative elements of the festival? What would you say sets it apart from other festivals?
It’s a special and transgressive vibe in a safe environment, a result of the combination of music, art, and the incredible atmosphere created by our venue. Kappa FuturFestival is held at a site of industrial archaeology in a city that was the first capital of Italy. In addition to all that, there is the importance we place on the customer experience.
A few weeks ago, we shared this article celebrating the confirmation of The Blessed Madonna, Jeff Mills or Honey Dijon, among many others, to the long-awaited Inner City live show. What can we expect from the festival held in the iconic post-industrial space Parco Dora in Turin in 2024?
Our five stages allow us to explore the different genres of electronic music. KFF blends and celebrates the worlds of arts, music, and technology with new visual shows. The artists themselves feel like they can do something different, an opportunity they might not have found elsewhere. Musically, we will have some amazing debuts like Tiesto, Skrillex, and Anyma, a huge representation of Detroit producers, many club culture heroes joining forces in exclusive back-to-back sets, and the most banging techno artists on a dedicated stage.
Some days ago, you added new names to the line-up, including many emerging names from the Italian scene and especially from Turin, such as Nicole Lovera, Nicola Gavino, the duo Riverside, Marbox, or The Taste. Could you tell us more about the selection process for the profiles that go on stage at Kappa FuturFestival?
We try to balance acclaimed artists with underground legends and the most exciting newcomers on the scene. Our curators constantly scan the vinyl market to find out the most thrilling producers, plus we have the opportunity to experiment with all sorts of DJs in our club, Audiodrome, during the year.
Anna Tur, a key name on the Ibizan scene, will be attending the festival for the first time this year. What do you think of the current international electronic scene? Is it living its best time?
Electronic music is becoming mainstream; it is trending. There are a lot of different experiences around, such as amazing small festivals that let you discover new locations and new creative scenes everywhere. Artistically, now with digital tools, your career can rise really fast, but what goes up must come down. Part of our job is to always guarantee the most reliable players in the game!
I read that you have launched your own Apple Music channel. What can we find on the platform?
You can find a selection of the exclusive sets that animated our stages in 2023. The offering will be periodically enriched with new content in anticipation of the 2024 edition.
How do you manage to continue reinventing the festival year after year without losing its identity?
On the one hand, we strive to always improve and we look at the latest trends in music and digital arts; on the other hand, we bear in mind our roots and we always pursue quality, i.e. the Italian touch!
Is there any message you would like to send to all the attendees of Kappa FuturFestival 2024?
We can’t wait to have you all here! Torino will surprise you!