Juno Mamba is an artist who stands out, not only due to his prolific nature, but also the unique sound he has crafted for himself. His new single, undrcut, strikes a powerful balance between being melodic and danceable, whilst also being cerebral, unique, and interesting.
undrcut is a piece of music which tells a sonic story. The track features a constant push and pull of breakbeat fills which break out from within the wall of atmospheric, ambient melody, before retreating back. When viewed from this perspective, the talent of Juno Mamba comes through in full force. It is not a story told through words, but with sounds.
The Australian artist learnt piano from his mother at the age of seven before transitioning into recording and producing. For some reason this makes sense, from beginning learning classical music, and transitioning into this powerful genre of electronic music. It brings to mind artists like Floating Points, who has the base of classical training, before embarking on a unique and compelling career. Juno Mamba has more music in store this year, and we can’t wait to hear what he does next.
unrcut is available to stream along with the beautiful visualiser created by Australian filmmaker Liam Oz.