Readers and viewers should prepare to smile and to feel reminded of their own bittersweet meandering years. Known for his unique approach to contemporary music, Belgian artist Jennifur has unveiled a new music video for his single I Care For You, from his debut album Things Don’t Change Until They Do, released through Sweet Sun Records in October 2023. Jennifur’s album blends dance floor sensibilities with polyphonic patterns and influences of jazz, funk, and R&B, creating a sound that stands out.
The music video for I Care For You, created by Aaron Denolf and Léon Hanssens, captures the essence of youthful camaraderie and the joy that can be found in mundanity. The video is three minutes of montaged storytelling as we watch from a stationary perspective. Jennifur and his friends move into a new apartment together, watch television, decorate, blow out birthday candles, and just enjoy each other’s company. Each shot is full of genuine emotion and care as hugs, tears, and laughter are exchanged.
This visual narrative reaches its climax with a living-room performance by Jennifur and his band, as their shared time comes to an end and things are set to change. The video encapsulates the transient nature of even the most meaningful moments, a reminder of the painful reality of time’s unforgiving passage. In the same breath, however, Jennifur has coated and interwoven this difficulty with the dynamic energy that comes from reveling in each moment, refusing to let life’s brevity steal an ounce of its delight. The music video’s charm lies in its simplicity and honesty, not attempting to do more than it needs to, yet being effective. 
Jennifur strives to be an artist who creates music that transcends time and ever-shortening attention spans, and hitting a resonant human chord might be one way to achieve that. I Care For You and the accompanying video offers warmth, comfort and soft nostalgia through scenes of embracing change with loved ones and the universal understanding that this is so often what compels us to go on and makes the journey worthwhile.