ID:Earth presents ALIENS, a song that dissects the ins and outs of the role of A.I. in today’s society. Sung both in English and Hangul, the song’s message is supported by futuristic, K-pop beats behind a melody line that highlights ID:Earth’s full range. “With the development of the A.I. system, I would like to record the current era in which development is accelerating. New-born life acquires and grows at a rapid pace with advanced civilisation. You can make them monsters, or lead them to a revolution,” she comments.
Known for crafting songs around specific characters or places, ALIENS continues to add life to the universe ID:Earth has been forming. This single carries lyrics that make nods towards mythology, history, and philosophy, all of which discuss the potential dangers of A.I. in a metaphorical fashion.

On top of this, the music video of ALIENS displays many visual pleasures. It presents excellent choreography, a signature element of the K-pop musical genre. The costumes call attention to the extraterrestrial theme – long, sharp acrylic nails, coloured slicked hair, and odd-looking gas masks. The lighting and cinematography of the video expound upon the theme by setting a grimy and murky mood with a mature and clean cut presentation. ALIEN has just landed on your favourite streaming platforms. Just look out for ID:Earth’s next releases, which might come from outer space as well.
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