Lanvin, the iconic French fashion luxury house is proud to announce the appointment of acclaimed Grammy-winning artist Future as newly appointed Creative Director of the Lanvin Lab collection.
Future's impact on fashion extends beyond his personal style. As a cultural icon and trendsetter, he has influenced the broader hip-hop fashion landscape. His music videos often feature visually captivating outfits and extravagant looks, inspiring fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. While Future's specific involvement in the fashion industry may vary over time, his influence on fashion and his ability to shape trends are undeniable. His fearless approach to fashion and willingness to experiment with different styles have solidified his status as a fashion-forward artist – consistently pushing the envelope, redefining the possibilities of rap, singing, and production.

Future's creative vision extends far beyond the realm of music and entertainment, resonating with contemporary culture at large. Establishing himself as a style icon, Future often combines streetwear elements with high-end designer pieces, creating a distinct and edgy personal style. His fashion choices have caught the attention of designers and brands, leading to collaborations and partnerships, while his distinctive style has influenced streetwear trends around the globe. As Lanvin and the multiplatinum artist join forces, the fashion world eagerly awaits to see the fruits of their collaboration. Prepare to witness a fusion of creative minds as Future guides Lanvin into a new era.

The much-anticipated Lanvin Lab collection, scheduled for release in Winter 2023, will feature a range of ready-to-wear garments and accessories designed for both women and men. Drawing inspiration from Future's individualistic vision, the collection promises to captivate both fashion and hip-hop fans. Lanvin Lab, a space dedicated to dreaming and experimentation, embodies the spirit of founder Jeanne Lanvin, who fostered artistic collaboration and cultural exchange. Reflecting this ethos, Lanvin Lab invites creatives from diverse disciplines to contribute their unique perspectives and collectively shape the house's heritage and aesthetic codes.

For its inaugural release, Lanvin Lab has chosen music as its focal point, paying homage to Jeanne Lanvin's daughter and muse, Marguerite, an accomplished musician herself. Recognising the profound influence of music on the house's mythology, Lanvin Lab has enlisted the visionary talent of Future to design a collection which promises to blur the boundaries between music and fashion.