Fox Jackson's close relationship with music goes back a long way. Since he began his career in the entertainment industry at just 11 years old, when he landed the lead role as Billy Elliot in the hit West End musical, Billy Elliot the Musical, the London-based singer/songwriter hasn't stopped to pursue his great passion giving shape to his personal project, and he is now releasing his new single, Glimpses. Welcome to the ultimate summer, feel-good banger. His latest song emits a fun attitude glowing with colourful melodies, a groovy beat, and jangly guitar.
“So many times in life, you catch a glimpse of someone and you never really know them, especially living in a world with endless possibilities, and never enough time. This song is saying: hey, get to know me cause I really wanna get to know you,” the artist replies when asked about the issue he addresses in his new single, Glimpses, which narrates the feeling you get as a young adult when you go on those first few dates and you start falling for someone. This is a feeling many of us have experienced when we want to get to know every side of them, get closer to them and see all dimensions of what this person is like.

Infused with infectious dancey rhythms, dream-like harmonies and the feeling that everything is going to be ok, this new release is loaded with good energy and fun. “Life would be a little better if you chose me and I chose you, and we ended up knowing each other better than the back of our own hand,” adds Jackson regarding the meaning behind the song, which dares you to take the dive, make the plunge and gamble on love. “Maybe you'll finally get the chance to truly connect with that other person.”