Brass, nickel and natural materials are the essence of a unique studio creating modern and retro accessories based in Kiev (Ukraine). We talk to Alice Zhuravel, art director and founder of Flava Studio about the art of creating classy pieces that help women emphasise their own style regardless of their budget.
How was the idea of Flava Studio born?
The idea of Flava came naturally. I live in an interesting country: we are in Europe but our economic situation is more similar to the one in North Africa. There are a lot of young people who have taste and personal style but don’t have the opportunity to buy expensive stuff. I remember how hard it was for me to find interesting and high-quality details. One day, a friend of mine returned from Seoul with a bunch of news about the fashion industry there; I was really excited and began to learn about the Asian market and then about the vintage.
I started buying accessories just for myself and people kept asking where did I get everything from, so I decided to share my hobby. I called my hobby Flava and I believe it helps emphasize individuality at an inexpensive price. This sharing is a creative and inventive way to make the world better.
Who are the team members? What was your previous job?
Flava Studio includes me and my best friend, the man I love. Although it’s now small, it will expand. In Kharkov, where I was born, I worked as a make-up artist. It was interesting but I moved to Ukraine’s capital to study marketing and fashion. I learned a lot by myself and found out what I wanted to do. About Vova, the other member, he is a musician. He’s been making hip-hop for over six years. Music is always an inspiration to me, but especially if it’s made by the person I love!
How is the work process prior to the launch of a campaign?
Our products are made by designers from Seoul and Hong Kong, so the work process consists of planning a collection and choosing the products. Then we need to order one sample for quality-check, and after that, we buy the full collection – the quality is usually good, but since the production is done on the outside, we must check before just in case. I present collections with pieces I would wear everyday and that I want to share with others.
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What is the concept behind your most recent collection, Soul Train?
I’m sure that Soul Train was not only a show for Afro-American people in the United States, but it was the bridge between human souls and their origin. The Soul Train collection shows how important it is to respect your roots no matter where you were born, and to appreciate youth, when you can dance all night long. We tried to show it by getting inspired by the pure human beauty of the disco era, which was full of accessories – of course, there’s and accent on big earrings.
If you could sum up Flava Studio in three words, what would they be?
Arty, classy and democratic.
What kind of materials do you usually use? Do they have any symbolic meaning?
The accessories are mostly made of brass, nickel and wood. These materials are hypoallergenic, beautiful and affordable.
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Where do you find inspiration?
Any visual and spiritual information around can inspire me. The starting point of the Soul Train collection was disco music and the youth from the ‘70s.
What do you think makes Flava Studio original and different?
This is our format. Flava is a non-elitist but ‘filigreed’ project that provides unique, modern accessories as well as vintage pieces.
What is the kind of person who would wear Flava Studio accessories?

Kind and talented young aesthetes who are on their way to chase a bright future.
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