Classifying Eva Grace’s music project within a specific genre or category isn’t easy. In her creative universe, a melange of pop, dance, indie, and electronic meet, and her vocals and lyrics are the distinctive glue that holds everything together, keeping listeners coming back for more. Her latest release, can't think straight, proves it.
This is a whimsical alt-pop tune, playfully detailing Eva’s take on modern-day social constructs impacting how the world views beauty, particularly for women. This new release maintains her personal brand, which continues to position herself on the scene single after single. “The notion that to be desired, let alone to be societally perceivable, women must abide by these beauty standards, is rather exhausting,” she says. “All of the expectations on women to have their nails, makeup, outfits, and hair done to the highest level – it gets expensive!,” Eva passionately exclaims when asked about the meaning behind this new track, whose opening remarks describe that it's expensive to meet today's beauty standards.

Talking about the inspiration behind the track, she says: “I was inspired by the imagery of girls around the world in their bedrooms, wanting to look like the influencers they see on Instagram or TikTok.” In fact, she talks about a reality that is related to low self-esteem and a desperate need to meet beauty standards, which has been on the rise since the emergence of social media.

“There is so much pressure on women of all ages to uphold the beauty standards that the media has set for us. In an increasingly artificial world, it becomes difficult for us to discern what is even attainable,” she concludes. This new release, can't think straight, makes music a useful language to expose pressing issues of today's society, which affect many people and just a few dare to discuss openly. “This song is me poking fun at myself for this, really. I think many of us can relate.”