Troll is the newest album released by electronic punk artist, Elliphant, marking a ten-year anniversary in the impressive and eccentric career of this chart-topping artist. If you haven’t heard of her name, you’ve most definitely heard her voice from her collaborations with artists like Diplo, Doja Cat, Major Lazor, Tove Lo, and more. Her unique sound has been a backdrop and inspiration for many famous artists, however her newest album steps back from this and instead embraces a new theme in her life, motherhood.
Elliphant is originally from Sweden, and her rebellious nature as a kid is what drew her to become the multi-platinum selling artist and award-winner that she is today. Since her debut single in 2012, her music has always attracted a wide array of listeners and her songs have been chosen for an array of movies, video games, commercials, and music festivals. People are drawn to her restless and wild music, and her music journey demonstrates her wide reach into all areas of pop culture. But she is ready to tackle a new theme in her music, and her album Troll is not only a declaration of love and nature, but also a reminder of the primal force within us all.
The album blends her usual electronic punk with the grim of hip hop and rap. The songs, with titles like the witty Introll (intro + troll, obvs), Therapy, Pandora, Trench or Minimal, are grungy and fast-paced, yet she describes that she wrote them in between changing diapers and making macaroni for her daughter. What holds this album together is her love and wisdom as a mother. This perspective has added a new dimension to her music, and she wants to spread a message to those who feel alone in life. All at once introspective and filled with an overarching compassion towards listeners, Elliphant hopes to assure people of their place in the world by looking within themselves.
Elliphant described it best herself saying, “My hope for the record and everything creative around it is to become a totem pole pushing through the concrete.” Listen to Troll, it’s out now and ready to be the new soundtrack to your everyday life.