Melodies that seem lively and uplifting often hide deeper meanings in their lyrics, creating a nice and versatile contrast that works for both, having a good time when giving it a light listen on a warm summer evening, or reflecting on the message and critique hidden in it when doing a more thoughtful stream on a quiet night. Duncan Pelletier’s new single Start Right Here manages to achieve this, and after a decade in the industry, it conveys well the personal sound he has built as an artist.
The thought of giving up is one that arises in the minds of everyone quite often. It has degrees to it, and it can range from not wanting to keep on going with your current job, relationship, or friend group to darker and more personal thoughts that can end up affecting your health or even well-being. Duncan Pelletier talks about this in his new single in a disguised but still straightforward way, confusing the ear that listens to a soft rock and alternative country melody but that understands a message portrayed in the lyrics that goes far beyond a happy sound.
The Maine-based singer/songwriter reflects confidently the abilities he has worked and trained for for more than a decade and manages to create a single that works as a vessel for translating raw and emotional themes into a language easy to listen to. The song uses phrases that manage to resonate well with the audience as they are highly relatable. “It’s harder to trust all the rot and the rust/Every part of yourself you refuse to adjust/Every last attempt under a layer of dust” symbolises the state of “having given up so long ago that it becomes part of your nature to turn away from any kind of connection, genuine or perceived.”
However, on the last part of the song, after a nice guitar breakdown that shows his skills with the instrument, a message of hope is conveyed: “Whatever poisons your memory, put it aside for the season, go and bury it deep,” with the purpose of starting all over again, something we all should do every once in a while.