California-based Claire Brooks' songs are like if organic orange blossom honey were converted to music. They're smooth and untainted by uniformizing autotune and bear the zingy touch of fresh, young talent. Hibernation and Slowly Towards the Door, both out today, showcase the singer's diverse musical skills in a tasting platter that's sure to please, whether you're searching for a breakup banger or an ambient, vibey getting ready song.
In Slouching Towards the Door, Brooks blends the natural soundscape with soft jazz to create a calming piece that's perfect when you've had a stressful day or just want to chill out with some relaxed tunes in the background. It's refreshing to listen to a song that doesn't compulsively need your attention or constant affection but is happy to just sit and be. As a result, the sounds wash over us in a pleasant sonic sea—apt for a piece about being cosy inside when it's raining. 
Hibernation feels like a complete flip, with more aggressive vocals and cutting lyrics. It has a dark, dangerous flair, a sharp takedown of those people who only show up when it's most convenient for them. Brooks' vocals are more sexy here and certainly prove why she's been dubbed a blend of Amy Winehouse and Mac Miller. 
Both Slouching Towards the Door and Hibernation are worth adding to your Lo-Fi Chill and Killing my Ex playlists, respectively. Her engaging, genre-evading sound is a welcome addition to this summer's music scene.