Chiara King was close to quitting her music career entirely but her new release, Party with a Monster, proves that her most personal project is back stronger than ever. Being the first song she's released in nearly 2 years after having left her record label in Spain and become an independent artist again, the London-based 24-year-old singer-songwriter now unveils her latest release being her comeback as a recording artist. It has been the most challenging thing she has done so far in her career and welcomes a new stage in her musical adventure.
“To do everything pretty much alone, independently without any help, no managers, no label, nothing, it was a lot of pressure and stress I can't lie,” King answers when we ask her what this new single means for her. After having been stuck in a record label deal for nearly 2 years, the artist, who released her debut single Dancing With Me in February 2019, returns to the scene to combine the sounds of Latin, dance and pop music by collaborating and merging with British pop and Latin sounds. And her new song shows that she is on the right track to achieve it.

The song is about going out to a party with a monster that represents her darkest side, the temptation, seduction, and toxicity, which everyone holds within them yet doesn't wish to admit. She does not hide her feelings anymore and she unleashes them through her new single, which was co-written and produced by Benny Kollek and comes along with a music video in which the singer connects with her inner self showing self-empowerment. It also has one more meaning that has to do with partying with a mysterious emotionally unstable man who is playing toxic little playground games with her. King wants us to get lost and in a way touch our own fun, and we’re ready for it.