Bottega Veneta celebrates fatherhood with A$AP Rocky in the new campaign, Portraits of Fatherhood. A collaboration with artist Carrie Mae Weems that breaks stereotypes and celebrates the beauty of black fatherhood. Weems' tender black-and-white images capture the intimacy and love between Rocky and his two children, RZA and Riot Rose.
The campaign goes beyond fashion, aiming to dismantle negative stereotypes about Black families. Weems, known for her work addressing social issues, says the project is "an important gesture." "Rocky's concerns as an African American man with children profoundly moved me," Weems states. "This was a unique opportunity to say something not just positive, but truthful (...) Rocky can be seen with his children, in love."
The campaign marks a new chapter for A$AP Rocky, who is also announced as Bottega Veneta's latest Brand Ambassador. The black-and-white photographs showcase Rocky in tender moments with his children, a stark contrast to the "playboy" image often associated with rappers. Rocky says the campaign is about "being present as a partner and a parent."
Portraits of Fatherhood goes beyond the immediate interactions between Rocky and his children. The photographs include secondary family photos, creating a layered narrative of generations and the importance of family history. For Rocky, the project is a break from tradition. "To me, this is the first of its kind," he says. "It's a collaborative, collective art piece that shows the sincerity of my place and my interactions as a father."
Matthieu Blazy, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, expresses his admiration for Weems' work. "I was deeply moved by its originality, engagement, and social impact," he says. "The images show the realness of Rocky as a father and as a man beyond the public figure."