Having been making a name for herself for years in Los Angeles, headlining and packing notable venues including The Hotel Cafe, The Echo, Moroccan Lounge and The Troubadour, Beck Pete can't seem to resist creating hooky and memorable music. Her latest release, BITE DOWN, proves it. This latest song speaks to the extremism of human nature and how Beck found herself oscillating between before embracing the duality that she has seen in her core as an artist. The new release comes along with a music video directed by Zoé Kraft.
BITE DOWN is about the extremism that we have chiselled into our sweet lil brains as humans that we have to shed in order to find what's really ‘ours’,” the artist said on her social media a few days ago when she announced the premiere of this new single, which has already become one of her favourites. “I think what I've realised is that finding the ‘middle’ is actually a lifelong journey, and we might be in an extreme without even realising it. I’m finding the middle right now for myself and I can't wait to find my next one,” she adds, sharing with her fans that there was a point where she didn't know if this song would even come out.

Blending pop, soul, gospel and rock, resulting in a fascinating mix, the Los Angeles-based songwriter creates music to show all sides of the human experience, to remind her listeners that two seemingly opposing things can be true at once. “In a world where strength is encouraged, and expression of feeling has been painted as the opposite of strength, I'm over here arguing that one cannot exist without the other,” says the artist when we ask her about the meaning of this new single, with which she hopes to continue telling stories in a way that impacts people. Beck Pete will continue to release singles for Part 2 of her album Scared Of Everything throughout the remainder of 2023.