Today, celebrated DJ Anja Schneider releases the second part of an album of remixes — some of her best-loved tracks are chopped and stitched back together to create exciting new mash-ups. After twenty years shaping techno culture, this album feels like a natural representation of the DJ, mature and skilful, but still full of verve and creative adrenaline. Schneider describes this album as a fresh compilation in collaboration with remixers who have  “accompanied, influenced, and currently impress [her].”
Strong, punchy beats quickly set the tone for the dance floor with opener track Rancho Relaxo, remixed by Radio Slave. Club rats will appreciate the easy flow and deep base that's sure to get the ground trembling just a little. But even those who are more lukewarm on techno music are sure to enjoy Schneider’s remixes, which include other famous tracks like Dubmission (remixed by Julian Muller), and Secret Escapes (remixed by JakoJako). There are funky metallic beats, and slower, more meditative interludes in quite a few of the tracks that make the album distinct from Anja’s usual style.
She’s also revisited some of the tracks herself, the so-called ‘reworks’, including songs like All I See, Aura, or Belize. The DJ clearly draws from other musical traditions, unusual for an artist who’s had so much success in one genre. However, those reworked pieces also have their remixed counterparts: All I See has a remix by Ackermann, which actually closes the album on a bang. And Deetron takes care of giving Aura a makeover so listeners get to experience it differently.