The Norwegian/Scottish duo amilost returns with their first single on record label Icons Creating Evil Art, the enchanting Bloom. This release marks an evolution in their signature Scandinavian pop with a touch of cinematic grandeur. They delve into unexplored electronic textures while maintaining the intimate, vocally-driven sound that has garnered them attention on playlists and radio stations alike.
Bloom is a deeply personal offering, detailing the end of a toxic relationship and the newfound freedom and gratitude that comes with starting anew. Sigrid Zeiner’s velvety smooth vocals wrap the listener in a sonic embrace comfortable like freshly washed linen, caressing the skin atop a lush backdrop of syncopated drums, deep subs, and intricate percussion. The result is a bittersweet anthem that captures the thawing process of moving on and the exhilaration of blooming on one's own terms.
The accompanying video is a masterclass in simplicity and symbolism, cleverly using floral motifs and creative camera work to perfectly complement the song’s themes. Blurred lenses, close-up shots, and seamless transitions make for an engaging and rewatchable experience that subtly emphasizes the lyrics, planting seeds into the viewer's mind, fertilizing them with intrigue, and leaving them wanting to watch it again. Not an easy feat in an age of disposable content.
Musically, Bloom surprises with its unexpected nostalgic ‘90s R&B feel with smooth jazz undertones, a delightful harkening back to a time when both were at their peak. This new direction not only showcases amilost’s growth and willingness to experiment but also brings fresh excitement to their emotive core. The track's production is a testament to their ability to craft a sound that is both fresh and familiar, making it a standout in their discography and leaving the audience excited for more.
As the duo continues to blossom, Bloom serves as a powerful statement of resilience and self-discovery. With its relatable themes, captivating soundscapes, and visual storytelling, this single is poised to resonate with fans and newcomers alike.