Rising alternative pop star 44Phantom's latest single, Kansas, showcases the young artist's talent for blending the angst-filled grunge of Nirvana with pop. The Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter delivers raw, honest lyrics over gritty guitar riffs, continuing to develop his signature "grunge pop" style that has already earned him collaborations with artists like Machine Gun Kelly.
The song's dark, mysterious music video matches its angst-filled vibe, with 44Phantom channeling 90s grunge king Kurt Cobain’s aesthetics as he drives out to the desert to bury a body, just as the track builds to an intense crescendo. His vocal performance is passionate and dynamic, shifting from delicate verses to powerful, soaring hooks.
Kansas delves into the theme of displacement and the quest for belonging, a topic that 44Phantom recently discussed in an interview. He revealed that the song is deeply personal, mirroring his own journey from a small Oklahoma town to his pursuit of a music career.
With the success of his recent EP About Time and millions of streams, Kansas marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for 44Phantom. By staying true to his influences and artistic vision, he continues to carve a unique path in the alt-pop landscape. The single paves the way for a promising future, as 44Phantom solidifies his position as a distinctive voice in the industry.