FilmMay 11, 2021
Andrea Bordeaux and Bresha Webb
Female domination

The latest Starzplay series follows four thirty-something friends through the streets of Harlem as they navigate life while striving for world domination.

ArtMay 10, 2021
Ram Han
Ephemeral images

Flesh-like rose petals, octopus suckers and gelatine-coated faces become erotically charged in the cosmic-coloured dreamscapes of South Korean illustrator.

MusicMay 10, 2021
Kero Kero Bonito
You can't stop civilisation

"Civilisation II" is their latest album tackling anti-natalism, the exploration of past, present and future and what happens after becoming viral.

MusicMay 10, 2021
The Allegorist
Landing on an unknown planet

The multifaceted artist, who turns sound into a global language, presents her new album “Hybrid Dimension II” becoming a dragon rider and overcoming fear.

FashionMay 07, 2021
Beate Karlsson
Tactile and terrifying

Beate Karlsson, the creative director of Avavav, creates fashion the way fashion should be: controversial, experimental, sometimes almost unwearable.

MusicMay 07, 2021
Catching the ear and the soul

The rising Canadian artist has just released his new single “Worldwide,” exploring the depths of healing and gratification as he continues to forge ahead.