FashionJuly 03, 2020
Collecting Comme
Celebrating Rei Kawakubo

If you’re in Melbourne, be sure to visit “Collecting Comme,” a major exhibition at NGV showcasing some of Rei’s most emblematic garments and collections.

FashionJuly 03, 2020
Bottega Veneta
The Invisble Store

Inspired by artist Doug Aitken and architect Peter Pichler, the BV has installed a 100-square-metres mirror pop-up store in a luxury mall in Shanghai.

FashionJuly 02, 2020
When streetwear meets the classics

Made for nonconformists, mixing streetwear with luxury, and working for a more sustainable future. Meet Stefano, one of the three co-founders of the brand.

PhotographyJuly 02, 2020
Florent Tanet
A floating picnic

Inspired by Surrealism, the French photographer has used the Velox window in his refuge outside of Paris to create a new series of magical still lives.

Fashion - EditorialJuly 01, 2020
Mushroom trip
Soyeon KimJaewook Kim & Bora Choi

ArtJuly 01, 2020
Christopher Hartmann
Monumental feelings

Artist Christopher Hartmann explores a new definition of masculinity where vulnerability and ambiguity are featured in a contemporary context of alienation.