Catharinapavitschitz metalmagazine 7
Fashion - EditorialOctober 09, 2018
Mom, I am a rich man
Catharina PavitschitzMarina de Magalhaes

Hgoodspeed to do
ArtOctober 09, 2018
Hiller Goodspeed
Still trying despite everything

His cute little messages are more than just that; he's tackling mental health issues one drawing at a time, all whilst being a full-time librarian.

Elsa leydier esgotados 1
PhotographyOctober 08, 2018
Elsa Leydier
Beyond the postcard

Subverting dominant narratives of place and culture, photographer Elsa Leydier examines the complexity of truth through an anthropological lens.

Levis justintimberlake metalmagazine 1
FashionOctober 08, 2018
Levi’s x Justin Timberlake
In the mood for change

A couple of days ago in Madrid, we attended the presentation of the first collaboration between the American brand and the iconic singer/actor.

Hollyraejones metalmagazine 1
PhotographyOctober 05, 2018
Holly Rae Jones
Noughties galore

If you’re obsessed with the 2000s, you’ll love this photographer. Her style’s noughties-inspired, with a dreamy, surrealist, even post-apocalyptic touch.

Support by poustovit metalmagazine 10
FashionOctober 04, 2018
Support by Poustovit
Uniting the creative youth of Ukraine

The Ukrainian fashion brand founded by Lilia Poustovit is bridging high-end street fashion and everyday life in response to a world that’s changing around it.