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It’s exhausting to wait in line anywhere, but especially in the post office. However, Silvia Calderoni seems to pass the time writing exhilarating love letters to someone unknown to us. After a tour through her house and a visit to a café, the third episode of the GucciFest seven-part series directed by Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele gives us another glimpse into the main character’s life in Rome. As she writes and waits, we overhear a rather profound conversation between singer Harry Styles and veteran film critic Achille Bonito Oliva, who says remarkable statements as “We live in rather tense times full of conflicts and confrontations. But also, of differences to manage to coexist. Of joyful differences”; “Even though the differences persist, art, music, fashion, theatre and cinema, they’re fields you’re familiar with, in which creativity takes centre stage,” or “Fashion dresses humanity, art lays it bare. And music is a massage to the atrophied muscles of collective awareness.”

David Valero
Gus Van Sant

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