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Now LA native, Ringgo better known as MNDSGN, has gracefully included those closest to him, a plethora of instruments and varying creatives in a wonderful culmination that has resulted in the final product, Rare Pleasure. The album includes a mix of vocals and instrumental beats that all blend together with an ethereal vibe. It will leave you with a heightened sense of self worth and the drive to fully absorb the small but important things such as the simple process of making a cup of coffee in the morning to watching the sun set in the evening. Take nothing for granted, slow down, enjoy life and the people around you.

Congratulations on the release of Rare Pleasure! Every track feels so lighthearted and joyful yet still very personal. Could you explain a bit about the process and concepts behind the album?
Thanks, I appreciate that. Rare Pleasure is a culmination of things. Most importantly I feel like it's the culmination of community and appreciating life in its simplicity. I enjoyed allowing others to really have a voice and spirit in the music during the recording process. At times I wasn't sure what the record was supposed to be but it was always a matter of allowing life to unfold so I can hear the underlying music within itself. I'm still processing it to be quite honest.
Could you tell us a bit about what led you to an artistic and musical career? Are there moments and or times throughout your life that stand out as significant in this regard?
Being inspired and encouraged. It's one thing to be motivated to do something or learn something new, but it makes a world of a difference when there are those around you who continue to encourage you to keep on evolving. All those people who were there for me know who they are and I'm eternally grateful for that. Relocating to LA in 2011 and embracing a sense of community was a pivotal moment in my growth. Constantly meeting people who were just as passionate and driven poured so much joy back into the creative process.
Rare Pleasure includes some previously released work on the album Hope You’re Doing Better, Slowdance, and Medium Rare. In terms of reusing and repurposing older projects, how did you go about choosing which pieces get to be experienced in new ways?
Those three songs were released as singles leading up to the release of the album. Nothing on Rare Pleasure was repurposed however I have often thought about doing reinterpretations of previously released works. I'm on the fence though because I would always much rather be making something new.

In what ways were your friends and family involved in the creation of Rare Pleasure and how have these relationships helped to shape your work as a whole?
It goes back to being inspired and encouraged. I've always thrived knowing my work was more of a byproduct of observing life and my relationship with the world and those around me.
The album as a whole feels extremely bebop, jazz and tonally soft inspired. Who and or what are some of your most inspiring pieces of media and people?
Sun Ra, Les Baxter, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Piero Piccioni to name a few. When I was writing Rare Pleasure, these artists really informed and heightened my sensibility with the way they adapted to their time and as a result created these otherworldly landscapes. Library music, soundtracks, exotica, lounge, etc. I'd say that these worlds very much gave birth to RP.
I especially enjoyed the various pieces that included harp segments as it made those tracks feel as if you (the audience) were wandering through a forest filled with magical creatures. Was it your intention to make the album feel this way and provide such vivid imagery?
I'd say so. I remember not wanting the album to be very long but at the same time having a lot of depth and density to it. I can really attribute all the musicians that played on the record for really giving it that expansiveness. In the end, what resulted was more of a sonic tapestry that I couldn't be happier about.

Is there a specific track from Rare Pleasure that you feel most connected with and if so, what aspects of that song lead you to feel this way?
Colours of the Sunset. It was the last song I wrote and recorded vocals to. For that very reason I feel closest to it. It's a short tune but I wrote the lyrics in its entirety in the time it took for the sun to set as I gazed from my window, as if it was co-writing with me. Sometimes you have these creative dry spells and forget what it is you're even doing or why. Writing this song somehow helped pull me out of that.
I absolutely adore your style. Do you often seek out second-hand oriented apparel and do you have some favorite spots that you go back to repeatedly?
Thank you. It's not often I leave the house with the sole intention of shopping for clothes, but I do like stopping by places when I happen upon them or see something that catches my eye. There's a few places in LA I check out from time to time but my favorite is thrifting when I'm on the road and or traveling internationally. The more obscure the better. I'm always on the lookout for hats.
Are there any creative fields or media styles that you'd wish to explore outside of what you are already working on? If so, have you ever thought about combining these fields with your music?
Most definitely. I've always wanted to do some hand drawn animations or cartoons. I'm not sure why there isn't more of a bridge between animation and music communities. Or maybe there is and I'm just not tapped in. When in doubt you have just got to do it yourself.

Have you found that your creative spaces and or processes have altered over the course of the last year and a half as a result of Covid-19 and the wide range of sociopolitical unrest happening around the world? If so, in what ways?
I personally have been choosing to take a step back from feeling like I always have to be producing something every day and every second. I acknowledge the fact that being a workhorse has got me to where I am, but after the past year and a half it's got clearer that I need to put more emphasis into living and taking care of my life, simply by having more intention and awareness. The way I'm living is always going to inform how I'm creating so I'm just trying to align it all.
What can we look forward to hearing from you in the near future? Possibly a new music video or any upcoming events that you want to give a shoutout?
A couple videos in the works. There's a lot of music I've started with other artists I'd love to get back to work on. I am hoping to tour the album if things clear up a bit. In the meantime I'm just going to be drinking lots of tea and listening to records.

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