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Having always been surrounded by creative people, Norwegian singer Marie Noreger quickly understood that each artist must carve their own path, always preserving their personal essence and being true to himself. “My family also taught me to be open, accept differences and have compassion for one another,” she adds, highlighting the special relationship she developed with the music of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, two perfect embodiments of personal identity. Having been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) in the RnB/Soul Category for the Gravity EP, now she releases her new EP, DDVS. An ode to self-acceptance, self-love, and kindness to ourselves and those around us.

Marie, first of all, congratulations on the release of your new EP, DDVS. How do you feel?
Thank you so much! I feel good, I feel happy about this project and it’s nice that it’s finally out for everyone to listen to! I’ve been really excited about this one and I hope that this project can give some positive vibrations and some healing energy.
Before we dive into your new project, I'd like to know a little more about you. Could you introduce yourself to those who may don't know you yet? How did your relationship with music come about?
I don’t know when music became such a big part of my world – it’s just always been there. My dad used to be a DJ in the 90s and when I was a kid he used to play house records at home. I just remember how much I loved it and how I couldn’t fall asleep without sound at some point. I’m a melancholic soul in many ways and music really has that power to lift up my emotions to another level. Music makes my life more vibrant. When I sing and I’m in one with my voice I feel so grounded, I feel like there’s nothing more me than when I’m in that state. I guess music came into my life in a very organic way and at some point, I just had to do something about it!
Based in Oslo, creativity ran deep in your family. From your photographer father to your painter grandmother, many people in your inner circle dedicated their lives to art. How has this influenced your way of understanding the world?
It’s been amazing to grow up in a creative family and because of that I also kept my fantasy for a long time. I’ve of course been very inspired by all the art interests in my family but it’s also just the fact that they allowed me to be who I am, always. They never made me feel like I was risking anything by chasing my dreams. Seeing my family members creating their own paths made me more relaxed, it made me feel free to shape my world in the way I want to as well. My family also taught me to be open, accept differences and have compassion for one another. These are values I highly appreciate and keep close to my heart wherever I go.

And what music was played in your house when you were a child? Do you remember what your favourite song or artist was?
All good by De La Soul featuring Chaka Khan was a song we played a lot at home and it’s one of my favourites – always will be. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean, that album went on repeat… still to this day! We played so much different music in our home so it’s difficult to say who my favourite was! But I remember I got a special relationship with the music of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill. I love them.
“I have a lot of emotions I haven’t processed properly, and they come out through the music,” you said earlier. Is music therapy in a certain way? What topics do you usually address in your lyrics?
Music is very much like therapy to me. I’m not really able to write much when I go through stuff. I need things to digest first. When I have an overview and feel more on top of the situation (whatever that is) I’m able to write and it feels good. It feels even better to let the emotions out with my voice. It's a release. I write a lot about love, I’m not gonna lie. I’m very intrigued by that. I also write about compassion, introspection and community. I’m trying to seek perspective in situations and put it in my songs because I want my songs to be honest about difficult things we can experience but I also want them to shine a light on the positive outcomes. I want to inspire people to be kinder to themselves and to others and to let people know that you are not alone in whatever you’re going through.
Now you release your new work, DDVS (Discodoll in the Velvet Suit). A six-song EP which is about love and affection, authenticity, and the freedom to manifest your own dreams. What would you highlight about the creative process of this project? Is it the result of a deep process of introspection?
With this project I wanted to focus on the fact that everyone lives their life by virtue of who they are. It’s hard to dare to be yourself in a world that is driven by concepts and expectations. I’ve been using so much of my time to overthink and be scared of not being accepted for who I am. In the process of making this EP, I set a goal to come back to that version of me that didn’t care too much and was not afraid to just be! I’m still working on finding my balance but it was a good healing process to work on this project.
Let's talk about the EP's title track, DDVS, which is co-written with Grammy award winner Autumn Rowe. What makes this song so special to you?
The energy that was in the studio the day we recorded DDVS was just so amazing! Like that song carries so much good vibration! It’s a playful song, nothing too deep at all! But I love it cause it sets focus on positivity and friendships! The song is about girls wanting to have fun with their girls and not wanting to go home yet!

References to disco, hip-hop and electronic music intertwine giving life to a modern R&B sound. Do you feel part of any specific musical genre? How would you define your sound?
I’ve never really thought about putting myself into a category just because I like the freedom of not being in one! But I would say that my music is floating and a little alternative and definitely RnB and jazz-influenced.
You were nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) in the RnB/Soul Category for the Gravity EP. How do you remember this moment?
Being nominated for the Norwegian Grammy with my first project ever released was just crazy to me! I never expected that and to just be nominated was a big recognition for me and I will cherish that moment and bring it with me! I felt so much love.
And is there anything you can anticipate about your next projects? Will we see you playing live on stage soon?
I will show up at a couple of festivals this summer and I’m so excited to share new moments and sing my new songs! Excited in general to let my music live a little!

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