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The London based fashion photographer Greg Lin Jiajie likes to experiment with different kind of cameras. His favorite at the moment is his 35mm film compact camera. It gives his pictures some sort of special rawness. But capturing fashion with a point and shoot camera is not easy. We asked Greg all about his techniques, his previous work and his dreams for the future. 
Can you tell us; who’s Greg Lin Jiajie? Where are you from?
Greg Lin Jiajie is fashion photographer based in London. He is originally from a small town in China, called Longyan. He moved to Auckland, New Zealand when he was 16 years old, and then moved to London 2 years ago to pursue his passion for fashion photography.
In what way does London inspire you?
London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and meeting different people everyday from different cultures backgrounds, learning new things is pretty eye opening.
Your specialty is fashion photography. What do you like about fashion photography?
I like how fashion photography is not just about the cameras you use, not the equipments you have; it is about the concept behind the shoot, and how everything is brought together by the photographer, stylist, hair and make-up artists, editors and of course the models.

How would you describe your photography style?
Sensual and emotional.
Is there something that connects all of your work like some concept or vibe in particular that keeps appearing in your photographs?
I would say that work has always been influenced by the things around me or the states I would be in at that particular moment of my life.
Your work is already published in several big magazines such as Teeth Magazine, Glamcult magazine, Fucking Young, Sicky magazine and of course METAL magazine, just to name a few. Is there a magazine you really want to work for in the future?
Of the Afternoon is a magazine on photography and visual culture, when I used to study Fine Arts that was one of my favorites.
Let’s talk about the editorial you shot for TheOnes2Watch called Lone Rider. What is the story behind it?
Lone Rider was a collaborative project with stylist Lazar Djurovic. The story was inspired by the 60s’ Mod culture. We also drew our inspirations from Quadrophenia, the sixth studio album by the English rock band The Who.

You captured the story with a 35mm film compact camera. What was your reason to shoot with this kind of camera?
I started shooting on film compact camera about a year ago, mostly just for personal usage. I love how the images turned out, and I started shooting editorials on it ever since.
What vibe did you want to create with this editorial? And how did a film compact camera help you with that?
We wanted the shoot to look more spontaneous, and shooting on a film compact gives a very special rawness to the images.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of shooting with that kind of camera?
A film compact camera actually makes you think even more before you click, because each frame counts, and also the camera itself does give a more unique look to the images. The disadvantages are sometimes the camera does not focus on the right object or the films came out with too much grain, which could be frustrating for prints.
You also shot the editorial called Ning Lu for Hunger Magazine. Do you think point and shoot photography is making his comeback in the fashion industry?
I think each kind of photography form has its value and impact, and a good photograph should be more than just a particular camera. I personally would love to see film compacts making their comeback and most likely since film has really taken over the fashion industry in these last years.

Nicole Sijbers

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