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After emerging during a trip, and after having been developed during dinners and evenings spent together in between other jobs, Archivio stems out from the desire to create a strong image and personal identity. Seeking, with a great interest, to what is done in the fashion and art universes, creators of this brand let themselves be inspired by the new wave aesthetics between the masculine and the feminine world. “In recent years, a few fascinating studies at Harvard and other top universities shed new light on body language and how to use it wherever you are!”
What is the philosophy behind Archivio?
Our philosophy is based on some strong concepts and choices that synthesize the peculiarity of Archivio, such as the hybridization between the masculine and the feminine world, the excellence of the Made in Italy, the selection of rich fabrics and our high quality finishings. The idea is to create a real personal "archivio" with versatile and timeless pieces.
This is a man/woman collection; can you describe the process of creation of these pieces?
The first thing that comes to our mind is what we would like to have in the wardrobe that we still don’t have! Then begins the process of reinterpretation, for example we think of some iconic men’s clothing and we redesign them in a more modern style and modern shapes, which are also reconstructed to have a more feminine fit and vice versa.
What do you seek to challenge through the photographic material that you share with us?
We would like to express our identity in the best possible way through the use of image and through the communication. In this first step, something that is extremely important is the choice of the people who pose for us and observe how they interact with our creations.
Are there any events or collaborations planned with Archivio's collections?
We will focus on collaborating with many different artists. Stay tuned!

Melissa Worrall

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