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Abstraction, bright materials, sculptural compositions and an elegant sense of humor. Welcome to Tobias Faisst’s universe, where everyday banal findings become the field of action and experimentation; where the observer is invited to dive in the images, letting lightness come through. This Berlin-based photographer conveys the beauty of the mundane thanks to his accurate dominance of the color and his control of the space. These attributes might be consequence of his background in graphic design, combined with his particular eye to perceive ordinary objects. We discover what worries and seduces him.

As many others of his generation, Tobias started taking pictures instinctively with his analog camera when he was just a teenager. It wasn’t until college that he conceived photography more seriously. For now, his professional life is divided into three main spheres: graphic design, photography and art direction. He explains that he likes the challenge to grow and learn in both the artistic and the comercial areas.

“I think photography sharpens your perception enormously.” The key might be found in his explorer spirit; he told us that when he goes outside with his camera, it feels like an expedition in which he enters a concentrated state of mindfulness. His favorite things to photograph are bizarre objects, consumer goods, smooth shiny surfaces or building materials, among others. Not quite satisfied, he admits that he is going to try taking pictures of people, for instance, in order to force himself out from his zone of confort. When we ask him wether he prepares the scenario or he waits until he finds something susceptible of being photographed, he tells us that it is not just about a wait-and-see attitude, it is more about the perfect combination of the photographer’s intervention and the raw scenario. “Where does preparation start, and where does it end is maybe a question to the question.” The truth is that it is always a point of view and a personal way to represent reality – there is nothing objective, not even in photography.

He could be compared to photographers like Amos Fricke, Maxime Guyon or Daniel Everett, who convey the same topics and who have a similar visual approach. The reason? Tobias thinks that platforms like tumblr or Instagram have influenced the actual trend of photography both in a negative and in a positive way. A common imaginary has been created, and it is easier to copy or get copied subconsciously.

Another aspect that defines the trademark of Tobias Faisst’s photography is the sense of humor. Although he doesn’t look for fun with his images, it is true that when you look at the body of Tobias’ work, a subtle humor that represents his personality can be identified. “In my personal life, jokes are very important and I like to celebrate irony and sarcasm.” We’ll keep an eye on him, that’s for sure.

Sara Guerrero

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