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After their first appearance in the public eye with All Said And Done, Bristol’s duo The Degrees, is now presenting their second single Need You. Charlie Bierman and Isha Campbell give a modern touch to soul music and add a clear United Kingdom street vibe to it, still keeping the classical voice ornamentations. And they also have a new album coming up which will be out via Fallen Tree 1Hundred.

This genre, known as neo soul, brings strong influences of R&B and often incorporates electronic music, as we can see in the single. Also, conscious-driven lyrics and female voices are key to the genre, and The Degrees don’t miss out on this.

By the title, you may think it’s a song about love and relationships but they got us fooled. If we listen closely to the singer’s voice, we will find a deeper meaning to it. “The lyrics were written about my annoyance with politics and politicians, we put our faith in them, we need them to deliver on promises and do the right thing, but they rarely do,” says Campbell. Make sure to give it a listen and enjoy a powerful voice, groovy energy and a strong statement.

Giulia Ramírez
Chelone Wolf

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