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Søster Studio just released a new project and it’s all about women’s authenticity and empowerment. A cast of all-female friends together with the stylist Kama Krystel and the photographer Anne-Line Nygaard, the brand’s founder Pernille Nadine has created these natural but magical photographs that promise to give you a sense of inclusiveness and freedom. Here,  the clothes don’t objectify the women but rather give them a sense of power and control.

It’s not every day that a fashion brand does a project that doesn’t focus on clothes. But Søster is different, it’s not only an online shop but also a place you can go for inspiration. Pernille Nadine states, “With this project I didn't want to focus on the clothes, I wanted to convey an emotion, a story, a truth.” Analogue photos without any beauty retouch, minimal make up and natural hair was the most honest way to celebrate the models’ identities –Grace, Kama and Elizabeth –while letting them explore their sensuality. Diversity is also a key point, what mostly attracts Pernille when casting is not a good look, but a strong personality and a good story: “Diversity and representation are also very important to me, there is a huge lack of this in the fashion industry. Through each shoot I try to reflect the society we live in and the wonderful women we are surrounded by in life.”

In the end, this project is a celebration of women’s union. Its biggest aim is to show that women should celebrate each other rather than being competitive. There’s still a long way to go to reach gender equality, but projects like this, together with world moving phenomena like the Annual Women’s March, certainly give us hope and inspiration. “We need to see more women in positions of power to change that. We need to change our legal systems, our power structures and we need to talk about toxic masculinity”, says Pernille.

Catarina Marques
Anne-Line Nygaard
Kama Krystel

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