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According to Greek mythology, there were three charites: Aglaea, personifying the splendour; Euphrosyne, the gladness' and mirth goddess, and Thalia, who personified abundance and good cheer. Between 1630 and 1635, Rubens adopted the myth to create a baroque canvas where the opulent fleshes represented the European – and academic – beauty cannons of the time. If today we still find them absolutely gorgeous despite our trained eye, it might be because The Three Graces influenced us to do so.
The Three Graces (ca. 1635) by Pieter Paul Rubens.

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Saty + Pratha
Juliana Schiavinatto
Daneo, Michelle and Julia (B&M Models)
Cia Mandarello
Make up
Susana Hong
Set designer
Kristen Lim Tung
Khristinne Manuszak
Photographer assistant
Hannah Kiviranta
Stylist assistants
Cherry Wang, Manuela Bartolomeo
Doria Arkoun

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