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Entering the art space of Window to the Clouds at the Salon Berlin in the Museum Frieder Burda the exhibition resembles a dream made of soft-hued cotton candy. Filled with pink pompoms hanging from the ceiling, the Paris-based artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy sets the vibe for the exhibition from the first step on. Made during a time of an international crisis, paintings, installations, and sculptures toned in light pastels and muted, translucent colours can be explored until June 5.

Detailed, gentle, and differentiated brushwork characterise Lutz-Kinoy's paintings, which predominantly depict sacred and profane bodies in soothing settings. Using multiple shades of one colour, he creates a certain depth, both painterly and spiritual, that allows the viewer to experience his artwork beyond the canvas. Taking, among others, inspiration from Dante Alighieri’s poem Inferno and Auguste Rodin’s La Porte de l’Enfer, the artist evokes a notion of what is further our perception of reality – a window to the clouds.

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy intentionally conceptualised his showcase for the viewer to deeply engage on a physical and intellectual level. By doing so, he created a space of temporary escapism. In a time where people long for stimulating experience, the artist succeeds in providing them with a unique approach to contemporary art. The venue, Salon Berlin, was opened in 2016 and functions as exhibition and event space of the renowned Museum Frieder Burda, originally located in Baden-Baden.
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy's exhibition Window to the Clouds is currently on view at Salon Berlin — Museum Frieder Burda until June 5.

Lea Zöller
Kamel Mennour

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